BIG DATA & AI DRIVING energy services TO BUILDING sector

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How we bring BEYOND project to life

BEYOND H2020 project achieves a high degree of intelligence and optimization through utilizing state-of-the-art technologies

Effortless data exploration & management

We ease the curation, mapping and linking of private data assets with external data based on a Common Information Model. We support searching, locating/”matchmaking”, understanding, exploring and “preparing” energy-related data for analytics.

End-to-end data security & real data privacy

We allow encrypting and check-in data through an on-premise environment with multiple modalities. We ensure that collected data remains private and on-premise while allowing for joint actions with other “trusted” stakeholders.

Analytics as a Service

We enable novel applications for the whole value chain like (a) Personal Analytics, (b) Industrial Analytics, (c) Edge baseline analytics.

Trusted data sharing

We build an environment where creating, signing and validating smart multi-party data contracts in an immutable manner is possible while remunerating the involved stakeholders.

By-design Interoperability

We provide standardized interfaces to collect and export intelligence gained.

Advanced access control

We regulate access to private data assets through declarative authorization policies.

About us

BEYOND H2020 project is a reference big data platform implementation and AI analytics toolkit toward innovative data sharing-driven energy service ecosystems for the building sector and beyond.

About Us

Building Data Value Creation and Sharing

Our Team

Helping the building sector value chain improving and increasing business operations and processes

Beyond anything you have ever seen​

Big Data Management​

An advanced AI analytics toolkit delivering derivative data and intelligence out of a blend of real-life building data coming from external sources.

Powerful AI

The Analytics Toolkit uses pre-trained algorithms to deliver an intelligent real-time automated control of building assets.

Make it your own

Gain the opportunity to acquire building data & advanced analytics and build your own applications and solutions.

Latest News​

Latest insights about BEYOND

BEYOND is an H2020 EU project that aims to leverage advanced data analytics to help buildings and market actors to integrate and improve their value chain. To achieve this aim, BEYOND partners build a reference Big Data management platform with…

Buildings are generators of vast amounts of data: from Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS), smart metering and sub-metering information (demand), IoT device information (sensing/control), distributed generation (RES), storage, and electric vehicle data, altogether characterized by continuously increasing growth rate, multi-diverse…

The BEYOND  H2020 project builds a platform that will not only facilitate the provision of energy related services among energy stakeholders and buildings but will also include the whole infrastructure for the acquisition, curation and sharing of the respective data…

On September 29, the BEYOND H2020 Project led the " Data and Intelligence sharing for transforming buildings into active nodes in the future energy system “workshop which took place in the context of the Sustainable Places 2021.Buildings of all types are a…

Advanced data analysis and artificial intelligence technologies are transforming many industries in recent years, and energy services for building management are no different. Is well know that analytical tools allow descriptive-predictive-prescriptive data analysis to achieve intelligent automated control of buildings…

The digital transition in many sectors of the economy is progressing fast, especially in the industrial sector, where cutting-edge companies are already implementing data-driven technologies in what is known as Industry 4.0. The energy sector is already involved in this…

The Kalasatama district of Helsinki is gaining a reputation as an open-minded residential area in which conventions have been replaced with experiments. When work began to build one of Helsinki’s largest residential areas in the old harbor and industrial area…

Urbanization is an ongoing global trend. The population is more and more concentrating into cities, and city-level decisions hold a remarkable power in bringing smart and sustainable solutions into action all across the world. Besides building new infrastructure and buildings…

Configurable and energy-efficient smart buildings are playing a central role in decarbonizing society. The contribution of buildings to CO2 emissions is about 40 %. Most of the emissions are caused by energy use, and by smart energy management and optimization,…

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