BEYOND and MATRYCS Projects: Advancing Energy Efficiency in Buildings

With buildings accounting for nearly 40% of EU energy consumption, there is ongoing effort in enhancing energy efficiency. Two projects, BEYOND and MATRYCS, share a common goal: use of advanced technologies to address energy and building challenges. Both projects strive to optimize energy performance, provide data-driven insights, and empower occupants to make informed decisions. Both the BEYOND and MATRYCS projects have similar objectives and tools based on big data and use of data analytics.

Energy Performance Prediction: Both projects recognize the importance of accurate energy performance prediction for buildings. BEYOND’s Renovation Optimisation Support Tools (ROST) and MATRYCS’ Energy Prediction Service utilize machine learning and simulation models to forecast energy consumption and estimate the impact of renovation measures. These tools enable stakeholders to make informed decisions, optimize investments, and improve energy efficiency.

Digital Twin Models for Energy Performance Monitoring: BEYOND and MATRYCS include the concept of digital twin models for real-time energy performance monitoring. BEYOND’s toolset, including the Digital Twin for Energy Assets, and MATRYCS’ Digital Twin Service enable occupants to monitor building energy performance at various levels, analyze data from multiple sources, and identify areas for optimization. These digital twin models leverage real- time measurements, building characteristics, and weather data to enhance energy management and provide actionable insights.

Building Automation Control: Both projects prioritize personalized energy analytics and automation in building control systems. BEYOND’s Personalised Energy Analytics for Guidance on Energy Performance Optimisation and Human-Centric Control Automation (PEASH) Application and MATRYCS’ Building Automation and Control (BAC) offer intelligent control of HVAC, lighting, and other systems. By leveraging energy efficiency strategies and real-time data, these tools help occupants understand their energy consumption, optimize performance, and increase energy savings.

BEYOND and MATRYCS projects represent initiatives aimed at energy efficiency in buildings by using AI (machine learning) and available data. MATRYCS project is in the last part of its period and the final demo toolbox will be available soon. Also BEYOND project ends soon. By combining the strengths of BEYOND and MATRYCS, the industry can benefit from a comprehensive toolkit for energy-efficient building design, optimization, and

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