Change your energy consumption pattern by using the BEYOND platform


Imaging that…

You are returning home after a long day at work, and you see that your energy bill has arrived. You are in a cold sweat, and you are thinking of all the news you hear about the energy crisis, which making you expect the worse. You finally get to open the bill, and unfortunately it was as you imagined. Stressful, isn’t that, right?

What if we change the scenario a little bit? You are arriving home after a long day at work, and you see that your energy bill has arrived. You have heard from the news about the energy crisis, and you know that all your friends must pay a high amount of money on their energy bills. But you are not stressed at all. You open it and you see the exact amount you were waiting for.

How? Easy, the BEYOND Platform allows you to make use of your energy-related data!

Keeping your wallet filled and your comfort high with BEYOND Platform

BEYOND platform gives value to your energy data through AI analytics and Big Data tools. These State-of-the-Art mechanisms can help you understand your energy consumption pattern and take effective decisions for increasing your energy savings. But how exactly can you do that?

The platform allows users to understand how and when they consume energy, where they stand in comparison with consumers of similar profiles and identify weak points of their energy performance. As such, this can help you to better define appropriate actions towards energy savings in an informed and effective manner.

To date, most of buildings occupants are unaware of their energy behavior.

Ideally, a platform should use existing energy data to identify what can be

improved and provide personalized guidance on how to optimally control all

kind of devices to reduce their energy costs. At BEYOND, we deliver this

Is that all there is? Of course not! For example, by using BEYOND platform you can learn how to schedule the operation of lighting devices and air condition even when you aren’t in your home. These kinds of solutions can improve your well-being and optimize indoor comfort conditions when at home, while at the same time, safeguard security of your property!

Sounds interesting right? Stay tuned to find out more about
BEYOND platform!

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