Realizing Buildings’ Energy Data Sharing and added value services


The vision

BEYOND team works towards providing a platform that will offer energy actors AI Analytics-based decision support tools and energy services delivered for optimizing energy policy planning, infrastructure sizing, de-risking renovation investments, and optimized buildings energy performance Management.

The birth of an Energy Data Sharing Platform

After 18 months of hard work for our developers, we are pleased to release its first stable release (Release 1.00) while we expect to have ready its final release (Release 2.00) in August 2023. This is not a great milestone for us only, but to the future users of the platform and at the same time to the external and internal to the project partners that are involved in the early testing of the functionalities provided so as for us to get valuable feedback on their user experience.

What tasks could I perform?

Reading these lines, it might seem a little bit like another corporate announcement. However, this blog post is not about this. This is important because by using this platform you will be able to perform some really useful functions powered by BEYONDs State-of-the-Art technologies. So, let’s go walk you through of what you can do:

  • Upload & store your data: I case you are a data asset provider you will be able to create, configure and execute a data check-in job so that it can be successfully stored in the platform. Specifically, you can configure data-cleaning, anonymization, and encryption services for your data sets.

  • Explore data:  You can search for a data asset of your interest residing in the platform and browse through/edit/delete the data assets you own.

  • Retrieve data: You could retrieve in a configurable manner the data assets (or specific parts of them) of your interest.

  • Trade data: There is the possibility for you to share or purchase other users’ data assets, prepare the appropriate contracts and if needed negotiate on the contract’s terms, and retrieve them based on the applicable terms.

  • Run data analytics: Here, you have the option to design and execute data analytics functions to your owned data assets and receive the corresponding results. Thus, the platform will provide you valuable insights on based your data that was possibly beyond your field of vision.

A data exchanging everyday story

Interesting, isn’t it? Let’s take it a step further to get the big picture! George 35 works for a Network Operator company where he’s responsible for finding the leads so as to make more efficient his company operation. Amanda, 29 just found a job in which she’s responsible for managing the data coming for a large block or residential buildings. Both are using the BEYOND platform. George explores data assets available through the BEYOND Marketplace while he can also filter the results to make his life easier. After a few minutes, he identifies the data asset he is interested in and adds it to his cart. He then presses the button to send a transaction request to Amanda.

A notification to Amanda’s computer just received! She can reject the request but after reviewing it she accepts it and proceeds with drafting of smart contract and then she sends it to George. For his part, he can reject the contract and negotiates on the terms with her, or he can accept the terms and proceed with the respective payment using his organization wallet. After a little thought, George chooses for the latter as he thinks that he truly needs this data. Amanda receives the payment, and the contract is activated.

George is excited as he can download the acquired data. He has no other worries since through the BEYOND platform is allowed to see the contracts he is involved in and monitor their status. Now it’s time to work on the data. He defines the preferred data processing/transformation functions and the algorithms on the input data and selects the preferred type of output. As a final step, George obtains the expected results visualized in the way that suites him best to make his boss take the right decisions. Another day at the office for George!

You can click here to visit our platform!

Also, you can visit our wiki to find the documentation for all the components, modules and entities that are part of the BEYOND platform.


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