Smart readiness of buildings: Why is it important?

The concept of the Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) was introduced in the 2018 revision of the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). This indicator is a common scheme for rating the smart readiness of buildings, i.e. the capability of buildings (or building units) to adapt their operation to the needs of the occupant, to adapt their operation in reaction to signals from the grid (energy flexibility), etc.[1]

A “smart-ready service catalogue” refers to building services that are categorised into 9 technical domains: heating, cooling, domestic hot water, ventilation, lighting, dynamic building envelope, electricity, electric vehicle charging, monitoring and control[2].

For a given building, all smart-ready services are assessed against the following desired impacts of smart buildings: energy efficiency, maintenance and fault prediction, comfort, convenience, health, well-being and accessibility, information to occupants, energy flexibility and storage.

As such, the smart readiness indicator can raise awareness amongst building owners and occupants of the value behind building automation and electronic monitoring of technical building systems and should give confidence to occupants about the actual savings of those new enhanced functionalities. But, SRI is also important for business actors like aggregators and retailers need to have access to detailed information about buildings for assessing their buildings, capabilities for getting involved in flexibility transactions and control strategies that are associated with innovative automation concepts. To this end, they need appropriate tools and methods to support the continuous assessment and certification of the Smart Readiness status of buildings

Here comes the BEYOND platform which integrates an Enhanced Performance Rating Analytics application, that will support the establishment of a robust framework of energy performance indicators on various spatio-temporal levels and a macroscopic and systemic view on building energy performance. The platform will assess the building energy performance through an Energy Performance Certification that will be complemented with the assessment and certification of the Smart Readiness status of buildings according to the SRI (Smart Readiness Indicator) methodology, to provide valuable information (mainly to aggregators and electricity retailers) on the capabilities of buildings. 



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