BEYOND organized a series of webinars to introduce its tools

BEYOND organized two webinars in June introduce the tools directed to energy retailers, DSCOs and network operators were presented. 

The first webinar was organized on the 1st of June, under the title “Energy analytics tools for energy retailers and consumers” and the following tools were presented: 

-Personalized Energy Analytics and Energy Efficiency Optimization Module, including Human-Centric features for well-being of occupants (PEASH): The tool is being fed with real-time (or near real-time) information captured by smart meters, sub-meters and sensors available in a building. These data are expected to increase prosumers awareness about their energy behaviour patterns and their energy consumption and help them improve their energy performance and increase energy saving.
-Building Portfolio Management Optimisation Tool (BPMO): The tool will help retailers manage their portfolio and get useful analytics about their customers’ energy demand for developing imbalance reduction strategies

The second webinar was organized on the 9th of June under the title “Data driven planning tools for network operators and ESCOs” and the following tools were presented: 

-District Heating Network Planning and Infrastructure Sizing Tool (DHCO): This tool aims to support decision-makers and project developers with district heating and cooling infrastructure sizing and expansion to satisfy future needs of energy networks and infrastructure in response to specific energy policy objectives.
– Renovation Optimisation Decision Support Tool (ROST): The tool can utilise occupants’ behaviour and comfort profiles and introduce them in iterative simulation loops of alternative renovation scenarios of selected buildings. It’s expected to facilitate the accurate energy-efficient design of buildings towards optimised investment decision-making upon their renovation.

The webinars lasted approximately one hour each and the feedback received was positive. 

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