Data Analysis & Artificial Intelligence create smarter buildings

Advanced data analysis and artificial intelligence technologies are transforming many industries in recent years, and energy services for building management are no different. Is well know that analytical tools allow descriptive-predictive-prescriptive data analysis to achieve intelligent automated control of buildings in real-time. Moreover, Big Data platforms and AI tools will partner with insights-sharing mechanisms, enabling stakeholders to acquire and use advanced analytics data.

What is there for energy actors?

Stakeholders across the energy value chain can realise multiple benefits thus advancing their business operation.  Here are some of the benefits that these actors can rip off:

  • Building managers: (a) more effective management of all kinds of assets of the building including the energy ones, (b) increased self-consumption and improved maintenance operations.
  • Building occupants: (a) effective decision-making for increased energy savings, (b) participation in demand flexibility markets to reduce their energy bills.
  • Network operators: (a) optimization of asset management with accurate demand forecasting algorithms, (b) flexibility analysis, (c) support in decision making and strategy planning for sizing new infrastructure.
  • Energy aggregators: (a) flexibility clustering in Virtual Power Plants (VPPs), (b) implementation of monitoring demand response strategies.
  • Retailers: (a) algorithms for the accurate demand forecasting of the retailers’ customers, including the flexibility predictions, can improve the management of their portfolio.
  • Local authorities: (a) support on the mid- and long-term policy making in terms of cost effectiveness and sustainability.
  • ESCOs: (a) improved decision-making on the proposed renovation solutions for energy efficiency, (b) accurate verification of savings in Energy Performance Contracts

The BEYOND Value Proposition

Having a common platform to share this data with partners and data science companies is key to compile this data across partners. The EU-funded BEYOND project will develop a reference platform for big data management with a set of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) analytical tools. Hence, our aim is to enable the integration of value chain stakeholders (data owners, brokers and consumers), allowing the development of solutions to provide innovative energy services to the building sector, all while improving their business operations.

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