Advanced technology solutions in ΙΤ projects: The case of UBITECH

UBITECH is a leading, highly innovative software house, systems integrator and technology provider, established to provide leading-edge intelligent technical solutions and consulting services to businesses, organizations and government in order to allow efficient and effective secure access and communication with various heterogeneous information resources and services, anytime and anywhere. UBITECH enables real-time valid information processing and decision making, the realization of intelligent business environments, and B2B and B2C transactions by providing high added-value business –oriented and –based solutions. UBITECH has been established in Athens, Greece back in 2005, concentrated initially in the Greek and Balkan market and acquiring several EC and national grants for novel R&D initiatives.


Role in the project

Due to UBITECH’s large experience in EU project coordination, the company has undertaken the role of the coordinator, responsible for managing all the project’s activities. Besides this, UBITECH is in charge of the promotional activities of the project, including the dissemination, communication, and exploitation. The company is also responsible for:

➢ The definition of the business scenarios, associated use cases and user/ business requirements for the BEYOND project

➢ The implementation of the ex-ante demo surveys, data landscaping and deployment planning of the BEYOND platform

➢ The implementation of the data security, encryption and privacy mechanisms of the BEYOND Big Data Platform

➢ The development of the Building Portfolio Analytics and Management Module

Furthermore, UBITECH will provide contribution to a number of activities, comprising:
➢ The design of the BEYOND framework architecture
➢ The integration of the different components of the BEYOND Big Data Platform
➢ All technical tasks capitalizing on their rich expertise in big data platforms development and analytics implementation
➢ The whole range of activities related to the platform testing, demonstration and impact assessment to ensure the prompt evaluation of the BEYOND platform at the different demo sites.


Getting advantages from the BEYOND project

In the context of the energy industry, UBITECH performs applied research in the areas of smart grid observability and control, including sensor-based systems for real-time delivery of ‘instrumentation values’ and processing for grid services; advanced predictive analytics, including prognosis of energy systems events, demand patterns and generation volatility; semantic interoperability middleware, supporting new platforms for seamless and coordinated data sharing and operation among energy stakeholders for provision of common services; Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) power system simulations, for the development and testing of complex real-time embedded systems in the smart grid; blockchain marketplaces, decentralizing energy transactions alongside the physically decentralized energy resources; development and training of deep learning models, to build knowledge architectures upon the streams of energy data that will aid strategic decision making; constraint-driven optimization using heuristics, facing the relevant energy markets, asset management and T&D system operation challenges; and privacy and cyber security tools for risk management and mitigation, making the energy power systems more robust and resilient in case of imminent cyber-attacks. At the same time, UBITECH is continuously seeking to validate new, emerging technologies, develop new ideas, concepts and solutions, and improve existing software applications and products. As such, UBITECH can benefit from the BEYOND project by expanding its services to its customers through developing and demonstrating new solutions in the field of the energy sector, and improving its existing services.

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